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Program of Work

2015 Ankeny Economic Development Corporation

2015 Program of Work:

1.      New Investments

A.    Explore and carry out methods to recruit new businesses to the Ankeny area in cooperation with the City of Ankeny

B.     Collaborate with ACOC and City of Ankeny to create more efficient ways to create and promote economic development in the Ankeny area

C.     Support the Cultivation Corridor (Ames to Des Moines) planning and promotion

D.     Do a gap analysis to identify points of overlap or gaps


2.      Membership

A.      Increase net membership by 10% (82 for 2014)

B.      Communicate with membership (Newsletter) three times/year or more

C.      Involve members in Board meetings and committees

D.      Plan and organize monthly Executive Board meetings

E.      Plan and organize six Board meetings, including relevant presentations

F.       Maintain up-to-date brochure and web site content

G.      Handle day-to-day operations


Existing Membership

A.    Assistance to member businesses

B.     Promote a pro business environment in Ankeny: Ankeny is known for being a great place to live.  We need to position it as a great place to do business as well.

C.     Explore opportunities for recruiting services to Ankeny that will benefit member businesses (example: occupational medicine)

D.    Explore opportunities for bringing member businesses together for addressing common issues (example: safety directors)

E.     For applicable issues, advocate on behalf of the members with all stakeholders (City of Ankeny, the State of Iowa, Greater Des Moines Partnership, etc.)

F.      Increase the presence of the business community within Ankeny


3.      Events

A.    Successful execution of Salute to Industry

B.     Successful execution of CEO Roundtable

C.     Ankeny Leadership Institute

D.     Work with City and other appropriate partners on events that promote and support commercial development in and around Ankeny 


4.      Workforce Partnership

A.  Assist and support the City with the teacher and the student  experience programs in Ankeny businesses  





Approved:  December 18, 2014


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