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Ankeny Alliance

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The Ankeny Alliance is a collaboration between Ankeny Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), Ankeny Chamber of Commerce and the City of Ankeny’s Economic Development Department.  

“Each organization is unique, but we all play a role in helping to shape the business community,” said Ron Nagel, 2015 chair of AEDC.  "We support all Alliance efforts and are the primary point of contact for Ankeny Seed Capital Investors, Ankeny Business Advisory Consulting and Workforce Development."  

Business Advisory Group

Two area business owners recently took advantage of the Business Advisory Group’s willingness to provide objective and confidential insight and suggestions on their business plans.  Here is what they had to say about the experience.

New Business Owner: “I appreciate the group’s time to help small businesses in the community. It is a great service and the information given to small businesses is not only helpful but greatly appreciated by those who don't have a lot of experience starting up a business.”

Existing Business Owner considering strategic change: “I would absolutely recommend the Business Advisory Group to other business owners.  The opportunity to talk confidentially with objective professionals was invaluable.”

The Business Advisory Group is made up of experienced business and financial professionals who are willing to share some of their time and experience.  Strategic business planning, expanding, launching or shifting are all examples where this group can help. If you know a business owner who might benefit from the Business Advisory Group, suggest they contact Joey Beech at or 515-964-0747 to learn more or schedule a meeting.  

Seed Capital Investors

Ankeny Seed Capital Investors is a local version of Plains Angels.  This group of accredited investors is focused on local area investment opportunities of high growth companies.  If you are interested as a business or investor, contact Joey Beech at or 515-964-0747 for more information.  


Pictured above are Chamber President Jen Walter, Mayor Gary Lorenz and AEDC Chair Ron Nagel unveiling the Ankeny Alliance branding.

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