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Ankeny Entrepreneur Connection

Area entrepreneurs can now be found gathering at Firetrucker Brewery the third Wednesday of every month.  According to Brett Burkhart of Shift Interactive, “Ankeny is ripe with business leaders, and the Entrepreneur Connection group is a fantastic opportunity to share experiences, get new perspective and learn from other entrepreneurs.  I always find tremendous value in being a part of this group.” 

Ankeny has a long history of entrepreneurship.  Success stories like Albaugh Inc., Casey’s General Stores, and Denny Elwell Co. are just a few examples of the area’s entrepreneurial spirit.  But today’s entrepreneurs are more often found in coffee shop corners and home offices.  They are harder to identify and reach.  Their opportunities to connect with each other are limited. 

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That’s why Ankeny Economic Development Corporation established the Ankeny Entrepreneur Connection.  “It is a good social setting for entrepreneurs of all experience levels to meet like-minded people and discuss ideas and roadblocks to creating a business out of an idea,” says Trent Murphy, CEO of CJM Financial.  All area entrepreneurs are welcome to join the conversation the third Wednesday of every month, 5:00-6:00pm at Firetrucker Brewery.  

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