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Those moving into the Ankeny community enjoy a wide variety of housing choices from the type of home to the location and amenities of the neighborhoods. This is by design.

The City of Ankeny is focused on providing positive housing options to residents and newcomers. Through thoughtful planning, they have been able to achieve this goal. As growth continues, continual monitoring of development is necessary to continue to provide residents with the quality of life they have come to expect in Ankeny. Therefore, the City’s Comprehensive Plan has outlined several policies for housing. Those policies are:

  • Ensure that growth occurs within the context of new "neighborhoods", and not separate, disconnected developments.
  • Create an environment throughout Ankeny that offers good housing opportunities for all households.
  • Assure that each neighborhood provides a good residential environment for its residents.
  • Create community connections that will unite neighborhoods of the City.

Because of this approach, Ankeny is really a community of neighborhoods, designed for connection, quality of life and small-town feel.

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