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Ankeny has a long history of entrepreneurship. Success stories like Albaugh Inc., Casey's General Stores, and Denny Elwell Co. are just a few examples of the area's entrepreneurial spirit. But today's entrepreneurs are more often found in coffee shop corners and converted warehouses.

The entrepreneurs of Ankeny today look like scientists and engineers developing new plant solutions to help feed the world. They look like medical and technical professionals offering a new model for home medical monitoring and cybersecurity protection. 

We are here to help businesses of all sizes find the resources they need. Below are two of the programs we support.

Business Advisory Group

Two area business owners recently took advantage of the Business Advisory Group’s willingness to provide objective and confidential insight and suggestions on their business plans.  Here is what they had to say about the experience.

New Business Owner: “I appreciate the group’s time to help small businesses in the community. It is a great service and the information given to small businesses is not only helpful but greatly appreciated by those who don't have a lot of experience starting up a business.”

Existing Business Owner considering strategic change: “I would absolutely recommend the Business Advisory Group to other business owners.  The opportunity to talk confidentially with objective professionals was invaluable.”

The Business Advisory Group is made up of experienced business and financial professionals who are willing to share some of their time and experience.  Strategic business planning, expanding, launching or shifting are all examples where this group can help. If you know a business owner who might benefit from the Business Advisory Group, suggest they contact Joey Beech by email or phone at 515-964-0747 to learn more or schedule a meeting.  

Ankeny Angels

Part of the Ankeny Alliance work of the Seed Capital Group is around facilitating an angel investor network. With help from the Des Moines Partnership, this group was established following the model of the Plains Angels. Here are more details about Ankeny Seed Capital Investors.

  • All participants are accredited investors. Most, but not all, involved are from Ankeny. The general mission of the group is to hear pitches from firms that show potential in making money and are in the region. There is no set geographic boundary but generally assumed to be in Iowa and ideally in Central Iowa.
  • There is no obligation for an investor to invest.
  • Each investor makes his/her own investment decision and does his/her own due diligence.
  • There is no fee associated with the group.
  • Ankeny Economic Development Corporation is the current facilitator.
  • The group has been meeting semi-regularly for three years with the following results:
  • 13 companies have pitched
  • 3 companies have received investments from members of the group
  • Average investment so far has been $14,000
  • Average combined investment in a business has been $100,000
  • No exits have occurred (aka, no funds have been returned to investors)

Who can pitch to the Ankeny Angels?

Before being considered for a pitch, a business must have a business plan and be located in the state of Iowa. As a general rule, restaurants, real estate and retail businesses are not reviewed. If you have a business and are looking for equity seed capital, contact Joey Beech by email or phone at 515-964-0747.

Interested in angel investing?

You can learn more about angel investing using the resources below. If you determine you are interested in being part of the Ankeny Seed Capital Investors contact Joey Beech by email or phone at 515-964-0747

Information regarding being an accredited investor is available on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s website. Since Ankeny Angels is modeled after Plains Angels, a good resource is also the Plains Angels website

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